Our Broker Price Opinion (BPO) department is full automated to professionally accommodate any volume presented to us. Our systems provide for monthly adjustments in 100 unit increments if pre-established as an ongoing requirement. Our current BPO volume exceeds 800-1,000 BPO’s/month. To the best of our knowledge we are the largest provider of BPO’s in the United States. Our Performa and systems dictate a 100% increase in fiscal 2006.

Our ZIP CODE coverage can be found in a separate page of this site. They are in an Excel format and can be accessed by County, City or numerical requirements and easily transferred to you site.

Excellence, accuracy and timing are our prime consideration. Prior to submission to you our Quality Control Department reviews every BPO. This review includes proximity, GLA, vintage and style including ‘sold comps’ within the last 6 months. Comments are extensive with an understanding that we must provide you with the best possible picture of the property you are requesting. We understand that we are your ‘eyes’ in the field.

Upon receipt of your BPO request, the following is a typical sequence of events:
1.) Entry into our Excel data base by Client (click above to see a sample data sheet.)
2.) Transitional entry from above into our routing format
3.) ‘Pull-up’ of property tax and past listing statements
4.) Field review data sheet established with next day property review and photos
5.) Upon completion of field review, compiled data entered into our MNREO Server.
6.) Comparative properties established with emphasis place on proximity, vintage, GLA and style.
7.) Data entry into your format.
8.) Internal Quality Control review and acceptance or ‘re-do’.
9.) Entry to you via email, or your site with matted jpg photos.
10.) Invoice when required.